1929 Rumely 25-40 Oil Pull Tractor
Owner: Charlie Ellsworth - Gaston Indiana
1929 Rumely 25-40 Oil Pull Model X Tractor

One of the neatest guys I know and a neat tractor to go along with it. Charlie has about 14 or 15 antique tractors in his collection but this is his favorite. I thought that this would be a good feature tractor for the Rumely page. Charlie bought all 9200 lbs of this tractor in 1992 and, with a lot of help, has restored it to mint condition.  Charlie is the guy in the yellow/gold shirt, 87 years young, and at the height of his glory when he fires up this ol' girl.
Charlie in the cab of his 25-40 Rumely Oil Pull Tracator

3/4 Front View of Charlie's 25-40 Rumely Oil Pull
The day I took the still shots on his farm, he would not hear of me leaving out of there until he could put me behind the wheel and send me around the barnyard a couple of times. Of course this really upset me a lot! We took the tractor to the Matthews, Indiana Covered Bridge Festival this past September and had a lot of fun with it. It was really a crowd pleaser.

Hobart Morgan starting up the old Rumely.

Hobart Morgan, one of Charlie's best tractor collecting friends, can be seen starting the engine at this event with the starting bar hooked on to the massive flywheel.  It takes a real man (or sometimes two) to get it running. It has been rigged to start on gasoline and then switched over to kerosene after it gets started.

25-40 Rumely Oil Pull Tractor Hooked to the BeltCharlie likes to let the younger guys get to know the tractor too, and one of them can be seen at the controls while the tractor is being worked on the dyno. It doesn't show it in these photos, but the smoke really rolls out of the stack when this huge machine starts reaching for more power under the increasing load of the dyno.  Charlie and Hobart bolted on some sliced terra tires from a nitrogen spreader and bolted them to the steel wheels. This allows them to take the machine to events with parades and not having to worry about tearing up asphalt. Getting those tires cut was another complete story in itself, but to make a long story short, as they say, the tires were sliced with a heated machette. We might do a story on this some time for those who have never heard of doing this.

As you can see, the tractor pulled almost 450 on the tachometer held against the wheel on the dynomometer. Checking the Rumely 25-40 H.P. on the Tachometer

The tractor is a Type X model, S/N X1651 and Charlie told me that there are not a whole lot of them around the country anymore.  Charlie also has a 1929 Rumely "6" tractor (more to come on it later). Since the original posting of this page showing Charlie's Oil Pull, he passed away a few years back but his memory lives on in his tractor collection now owned by his son-in-law.

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