Growing Up With Big Tractors In Saskatchewan Canada

I grew up in Saskatchewan , born in '35. For as long as I can remember I played on/with a BIG steam engine tractor. It never moved (physically), but I drove it all over my world.

I remember the big steel wheels, the steering wheel , the drive gears and the chains that crossed under the belly to steer the bugger. I also remember the excitement when the guys came with torches to cut it up for the war effort. Did it end up as a tank in Europe or as a ship at the bottem of the Atlantic?

There was also a huge gas tractor, which is still in existance, an Altman-Taylor 30-60 I think, 8' steel wheels, 3' wide . Top speed 3 MPH. I remember my brothers locking themselves in the spokes and literally cartwheeling across the yard. It was started by means of a hand crank that took two quite musular men to turn it over . It was used for threshing only, driving a 36" separator. The big long drive belt terrified everyone.

Any more? ...........if you find this interesting contact:

Dan Koob, Box 38, Spragge ON Canada P0R-1K0 or e-mail

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