My Pullin' John Deere "A's"

 In early 1991 my dad and I began to go to watch antique pulls.  After a while we thought that we would like to try it.  Well, actually my dad was really only wanting to "watch", and he did for a number of years.  I bought a 1951 JD A.  I did about average at local pulls, never really won too much but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot too.

After 5 years of getting beat up by the competition,  I bought a 1948 JD A with a power block.  This tractor needed a lot of work, but after about 4 or 5 months and several ruined blue jeans, it looked good and ran even better.  Also until now we did not travel to pull as I had no truck or trailer.  Now we can go almost anywhere.  I won a lot with this new A and over time have slowly made more modifications such as a different cam , bigger valves, ported head, bored out power block, bored carb, msd ignition,  9" stroker crank, custom rods, custom pistons, ported manifold and some other goodies.

It now makes around 85 -90 horsepower .  I don't know for sure because I am very reluctant to put it on a dyno in my area.  All our dynos are also antiques in need of restoration , but I pull with most anyone in my weight classes which are 6500 -8000.  We don't pull 5500 unless the track allows... as it is usually not been good to us.  Any way, I ended up with a total value of about 7500 dollars in this A over the course of 8 years and I still miss the way the old 48
pulled when it was near stock, you know, you're o.k. as long as you're coming in last place, but modify your tractor and start beating all those people who beat you all those years , you soon find out who your real friends are.

Anyway Open pulling has kind of gotten out of hand in our area in western pa.  so my dad had another 48 A and we built it just like mine when it started life as a puller.   Just remember, it  is all a lot of fun , just know where you want to end up with it down the road a few years.  mf

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