The Daddy-In-Law's Old John Deere MT

My tractor story : I guess I was born to love John Deere.  Every time I hear one popping it sends chills up my spine. One Christmas when we were at my father-in-law's , he and I walked out side for some fresh air and to walk off that great Christmas dinner.   As always, we end up in the tractor shed to talk about things , you know.

That old MT was setting there wanting some attention , so we looked at her and I said " fire her off and let her run a little."  My daddy-in-law said...  "Well.... I guess it wouldn't hurt, she hadn't been started in a month".

So he poured a quart of gas in the tank and adjusted the choke, throttle and turned the switch on.  Mind you it was 23 degrees out . He reached over and pulled on the starter and she turned over about 3 or 4 times and fired up!   To hear an old Deere fire and run on a cold day.... I was almost in tears .   I grew up with John Deeres, and love to hear them work and run!

I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way!!

Sincerely, a John Deere lover.

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