A Two Gallon WD 40 Job!

       My name is Bill Farrell, I`m from Henrietta Tenn.  I'm retired & have always loved old tractors.   In January I saw an ad on the internet for an F14 kerosene burner located in Indiana.  On February 10th, my friend John Jennet & I went to get it.

        It was cold and windy with a cold front moving in.   About the time we got to the place, it started to rain & turn cold.   I told John this ain't home!  When a cold front moves in here it gets COLD!..... and it did that day.   It took 3 hours to drag them both ( I bought an F12 too) up on the trailer.  We were soaked and  just about as cold as I`ve ever been. 

        On the way home we had a blow-out on the trailer.  While we were putting the spare on,  a state trooper stopped and I told John..... here comes some help.   But the trooper just asked if we had a spare & commented on how it wasn`t fit for a dog to be out!!   After a 12 hour trip we finally got home.  My wife looked at the tractors and after she thought a while she said "It looks like a 2 gal. WD 40 job"..........As you can see by the picture......She was right!!


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